File Stapler

File Stapler is a small handy desktop tool that helps you organise your messy desktop. 


It staples together multiple associated files so that they can be easily found and opened, even when they are in different locations. This saves you from making multiple copies of the same files or renaming files so as to remember which is which. Simple as that. Once files are stapled together, the next time you right click on any of them, a drop down list of the files will appear, and any or all can be opened. 


File Stapler was successfully launched on Kickstarter meaning that the original, basic free, open source version can be created. But I am not stopping there!  I would like to add further features and develop a pro-version with options such as ‘make folder from stapled files’, ‘email stapled files’, 'open folders of stapled files', 'show list of stapled files' and so on. I would like to work openly with my backers to see what features they might like added to it, and what sort of applications it might be used for. I have some ideas… but I’m really most interested to see if it will catch other people’s imaginations and then see what they might propose would be most useful to add to it. I am open to ideas. 


I know that there are multiple other ways that this function can be achieved, specifically using tags, macros, symlinks and meta-data but the options available don't have the speed, lightness and simplicity that I think make sense for a universal desktop tool. Hence I developed the idea for this extremely basic right click menu. My hope is that File Stapler stays small, light and handy like a real stapler, and so only the most useful features should be added to it.  File Stapler will work on both PC and Mac.  


File Stapler was launched as one of the #QuickStarter projects, small inexpensive ideas filmed on a day on a phone. Follow this LINK to see more of these nice little ideas.  File Stapler is designed by me, Peter Marigold, creator of FORMcard.  Are you intererested in supporting or being involved with this project?  I'd like to hear from you! Connect on social media or: